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any info or feedback using an electric drum set.

i know the feel is not the same with an acoustic drum. but due to space/room constraint. im considering this one.

and im planning to hook it up to my mac. tweak it to sync with garageband.  :roll:


meron ba sa inyo ritong gumagamit ng electronic drums? wala kasi akong masyadong nakikita e. iniisip ko lang, advantage nito talaga ang volume control.:)

kung wala ka nang paglagyan ng pera mo ok yan hehehe.. yung pambibili ko niyan pambibili ko na lang ng acoustic drums...

Akira JUMBO:
I've tried using Roland electric drums before..ok naman..its true dat volume control is a big aspect but I would have to take the side of acoustic as well. I dont like the response of the electric ones.. :D

depende yan.
kung may pera ka, go for it.
i think, besides volume control, marami pang maiooffer ang electronic kits.
maraming sound effects and other settings na pwede mong mapatunog yung electronic kit.
pero kung di ka naman magte-techno, ok na yung acoustic drums.
plus, pag electronic drums ang lagi mong gamit medyo mabobobo ka pag bumalik ka ulit sa acoutic kit. kasi iba layout nila and iba rin yung feel.


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