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The NEIL PEART/RUSH Appreciation Thread

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ronnie james jeremy:
here is my top 3 Neil Peart  drum performances/recordings

1. Subdivisions - odd time signatures and his trademark para-didles this track from Rush's "Signals" album earned him the monicker of "human drum machine"

2. The Big Money - sounds pretty straight forward until you find out out that in addition to the brutal poundings, Peart triggers various samples and sequences whaile playing his ass off.  From Rush's "Power Windows" Album.

3. The Rhythm Method - Peart takes his percussionist expertise and the avaialable MIDI technology at the time to another level. From "A Show of Hands" live recording.

The guy also writes the majority of the lyrics for Rush's songs. 

o bakit wala yata reply dito? ako basta na-aapreciate ko si neil peart. ay di pala na-aapreciate...sinasamba pala. haha!  :evil: :evil: panget ng banat!  :roll:

ronnie james jeremy:
posted this to see if anybody here is into neil peart's drumming, turns out konti lang hahahah  :-D

i like neil  :-D

but i hate his dvds hahaha, ikwento ba naman yung ginagawa nya sa isang solo for 2 hours  :-P nakakasawa hehehe

but still, 2112 is one my favorite albums

I love the part in one of his DVDs where he was elaborating on his "LSD Forever" performance when he was younger. How could his parents be so supportive of him with performance titles such as that?  :lol:


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