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SINOSIKAT: Why does the album sound utterly different from the original mixes?

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Honestly, when "Turning My Safety On" came out on radio, I was stupified by how great the production/recording and mixing was done.  Apparently Allen, their bassist did the work.  It was a world-class recording IMO.  Hence the anticipation for the album on my part.  But when I listened to the album promo on radio, is it just me, but, the album sounds way too clean.  Sterile IMO for THEIR sound.  They play soul/funk, so a little dirt could have been added, pretty much like the original "Turning My Safety On" mix. 

when "turning..." came out on radio and mtv/myx, akala ko electronica group sila (parang drip)...
yep i have the CD! i bought it twice! yep, i think ok sya pero i also noticed how over produced/clean it was. sa kotse ko pa lang napapatugtog eh...havent tried sa home component.

about the album mix being different from the pre-release mixes...may storya daw ito e...pero im not sure how accurate ung alam kong was a sad story

tell the story!


--- Quote from: sponkel on July 17, 2007, 05:45:23 PM ---tell the story!

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Spilledmilk also needs a good lawyer in case he gets himself in a not-so-good situation.  :-D

haha nahhhh

anyway ung alam ko naman is tsismis i dunno...


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