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Tony Maserati :D
-YOu Tube-


Hi, i would suggest this book to anyone who's venturing into home recording or into audio mixing and mastering bands in general. This booked helped me reshape on how to go around things and made me put my perspective in the right place whenever i'm mixing and recording.

you can get this here>>

enjoy! :-D


--- Quote from: sodein on April 23, 2011, 07:07:31 AM ---i have those books.  MASTERING AUDIO BY BOB KATZ, MODERN RECORDING TECNIQUES BY DAVID MILES HUBBER and THE MIXING ENGINEERS HANDBOOK BY OWSINSKI. i can send it thru email if u want i have a soft copy of it in adobe reader.

--- End quote ---

would you kindly send it to my email? Thank you so much for your help! God bless you!


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