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--- Quote from: Phil ---o nga Dan ....hindi mo na try yung amps ko...ako din ...di ko na try yung amp mo.....tapos hindi mo natry yung blue at super yellow guitar ko ....nahawakan ko lang yung PRS mo ...hindi ko time nga.....okay din ka jam natin parang pareho lahat tayo frequency.....parang reniherse natin yung na cool. :lol:
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That,s true. It seems like we all have the samr thing in mind with impropmtu music. Everybody caught up very well.

Kakainggit! looks like you guys had fun!

Gear galore!!!!

thanks for sharing mga FAFA!!!!!

kwento naman dyan!!!!!


--- Quote from: stratman1 ---That was fast. Had a really great time. You guys are really good. Kudos to Jo for letting me borrow him today to play drums. He would've been better in bass, his main instrument. Oh, well, maybe next time.

I agree, 3 hours jam next time so we can go through each others gear. Let's set something up soon. Next time I'll record the audio.
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yeah.....we should get in touch like maybe spring na naman....and work out some songs that we can jam.....although I like the impromptu jams as well....trains your ears and your musical instincts.  :wink:

Dan about that Keeley DS-1....I still think it's kindda noisy.....although I love the controllable feedback you can get from it.....would an overdrive pedal be less noisy than an overdrive pedal?

wish you were here....we were laughing are ass off talking about the stuff in the forums.

Sonny... man... sana nandito ka. Halaghakan at tawanan kami kahapon. Parang mga old friends na nag 50th anniversary reunion. Kung mapapadaan ka dito sa SO CAL, paalaman mo kami at mag se-set tayo ng EB. Kahit hindi jam. Hang-out lang. Pero masmasaya ang jam eb.

PHil... I never get any noise problem with my DS-1. Did you run it through your clean or dirty channel. I usually run it thorugh clean channel. It's got enough gain to get that Marshall modded sound. If your looking for a pedal to run through your dirty channel than you will need an OD pedal. More like a booster but with more gain. Kinda like BOSS OD-1 (discontinued and expensive if you find one), Ibanez TS-9 or TS-808, or any tube driver pedals. Not distortion but overdrive. A lot of people will give you their opinion of what works best. Just go ahead and listen by yourself. At the end of the day it's your gear and if it sounds right to your ear than it works. :wink:


--- Quote from: Phil ---...super cool pics.....okay ba tenga mo Bart?

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OK na. Tumigil na yung pagtulo ng dugo kahapon pa nang gabi. :lol:  Madaya si Dan, naka ear plugs.


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