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FS: Mixers, Studio Monitor, Shure Mics, ETC...



YAMAHA MW12CX USB Mixing Studio w/ Cubase AI4... This is considered brand new... opened for testing purposes only! Bought in Dubai UAE for 1700 Dirhams (excluding shipping cost).

full spec here:

Selling it RUSh for 18k only!!!

2 pcs. SHURE 8900 (3k each) 5k for both w/ mic cables
1 pc. SHURE Beta57 w/ pouch for 2k na lang

All items are in good working condition... Bought in Dubai UAE.... 09294536653

Reselling this great mixer (built like a tank) for 7k only (8k before)... 09294536653

Soundtracs TOPAZ 12-4 audio mixer (made in UK) for 7k only... great reviews online... heavy duty featuring 4 "neutrik" preamps... great sound quality :)


Pics here:


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