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--- Quote from: bugoy on November 11, 2006, 05:51:45 AM ---nice... thanks sir bangbus.. pero teka sir bangbus akala ko nasa UK ka ? kelan ka pa dito sa pinas ? at dun sa kit mo ? pansin ko lang ano yung parang mixer sa likod mo ?

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yep still here, i just ask favours from people i can depend on to help me sort out some stuff over there. ah the mixer is a 12-channel powered one that i use to mic up and project my kit as if i were in a gig...thats one area of drumming that i have actually begun to explore lately.



--- Quote from: bangbus on November 11, 2006, 05:36:15 AM ---lazer mic clips ata is 250 a piece...appears to be very plasticy, unstable, and big na baka tamaan ng sticks yung mic, this is accordin to my bro who checked it out for me. try audiophile, bought mine last week from em care of fellow forumer tarkuz_tocata, a pack of 3 samson mic clips cost 950. i hope they've restocked na kasi he said i got the remainin 2 packs.  :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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nice mic clips bro bangbus..
i have a couple of packs myself though i rarely use them coz i just taped my mics (neatly) onto my old cymbals stands para mas stable pag recording. if i can find my samson mic clips, would you be interested in buying them sir bugoy?

lazer clips are kind of weird in a way because they really use CLIPS to hold the mic, isntead of your regular cylindrical plastic mic holder (or whatever it is officially called).  so there's the danger of of falling drum mics.  not good. plus it also comes in goose neck config, which doesnt always stay in place.  not good, once again because drum micing is a precise art.

ive always wondered about mechanical noise when it comes to using drum clips.  theoretically one would want to isolate mics in a way that they dont come in contact with vibrating objects.  this is the reason why condenser mics have shock mounts.  but then again condensers are much more sensitive than regular dynamic mics used to close mic the toms and the snare.  in any case one's safest bet is perhaps to use mic stands.  samson stands are very cheap, plus they will allow you to position your mic virtually anywhere u want ...

also, in the past i used my gibraltar rack as mic stands.  i went to a machine shop and had adaptors custom made so that the hole fits the cymbal stand screw, and the outside of the adaptor fits in the mic clip.  saved me a couple of thousand bucks on stands then.

ayy guys mgakano ung LP claw?

cool yun eh .. rumors tell me that you cant buy those per piece... and it costs about 4k each daw...

San ba nakakabili ng ganito:


Kasi yung sakin nasira at parang ganito, ibang klase:

Ask ko lang rin kung pano ilalagay yung mga foot...  :-D



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