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The NEIL PEART/RUSH Appreciation Thread

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I'm a die hard fan of Rush, their music and lyrics...Neil Peart is one of my drum heroes, not to mention the lyrics that he wrote...very mind boggling.

All Rush songs are my favorites.

i admit, mejo late ko nang nakilala rush, nagkataon may nabili akong modern drummer na si neil peart ang cover, launch ng album nilang vapor trails. ang ganda nung article sa kanya dun, how he managed not to lose his sanity after losing his wife and daughter, lupit ng resolve nya. after that nag start na ko mag research sa rush and nagustuhan ko albums nila. yung 2112 bangis ng fills. pati yung intro sa one little victory, galing. aside from being an amazing drummer, lupit din lyricist, bihirang combination.

ronnie james jeremy:

--- Quote from: woodstockintheattic on January 21, 2008, 01:43:43 PM ---I love the part in one of his DVDs where he was elaborating on his "LSD Forever" performance when he was younger. How could his parents be so supportive of him with performance titles such as that?  :lol:

--- End quote ---

si neil peart lang yata sa rush ang openly nag-admit sa pagiging recreational drug user in his youth check out the lyrics to "a passage to bangkok" :) he is still a great drummer nonetheless and one of the few modern drummers who mine the "swing" drumming of the big bands in the 20's and 30's napansin ko nasi majority ng percussive flavor nowadays are middle eastern (in terms of meter) and afro-cuban (dito rin naman na-derive ata yung swing feel).

I heard that Neil wrote a book, I'm wondering if it was released? I think it's about his motorcycle travels after his family had an accident...

Oh man, I've been looking at this thread since it was first posted.  I've been really busy these last few days, and it's only now that I'll be able to share some of my thoughts about Neil Peart, my greatest influence and no. 1 drumming hero of all time!  Actually, I have so much to say haha!

I discovered Neil Peart and Rush back in 1994, when I was still in high school.  The first Rush recording that I ever heard was their "A Show Of Hands" live album.  Since then, I got hooked.  And I was so into Neil Peart's intelligently-crafted and technically-challenging drum parts.

Neil Peart is not only a huge drumming and musical influence.  I also picked up a lot from his wisdom and philosophies in life.  The man is a genius.  I find great inspiration from his lyrical work (he writes the lyrics of most of Rush's songs).  He's a man who lives with such great passion; a man who doesn't live life as a spectator. 

"Just what is it about Peart that allowed him to accomplish so much?  Ask anyone who has spent time with the man.  They'll all give you the same answer.  Neil has a deep passion, a fire, for what he does (It's been a favorite topic in his lyric writing).  No great artist achieves without it." --- William F. Miller on Neil Peart, Modern Drummer, September 2002.

He did experience those tragedies back during the mid-90's (he lost his daughter and his wife, who both died within a span of one year).  Those are devastating losses, and it was a time of darkness and uncertainty for Neil Peart.  But I'm glad that he's able to return with Rush and playing drums again, after overcoming all that tragedy.

I still have more to say hahaha...  I'll post my favorite Neil Peart drum performances next time.  8-)

Neil Peart's Official Website ---


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