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The NEIL PEART/RUSH Appreciation Thread

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^ I never heard anybody describe Neil Peart as simple, until the previous post above.  But I think I understand what you mean.  Perhaps what you meant was, Peart's drumming is arguably simpler compared to the playing of today's technical/progressive masters such as Virgil Donati, Thomas Lang, Marco Minnemann, Danny Carey, or even Mike Portnoy.

Back in the day, I enjoy woodshedding and playing along to Neil Peart's drum parts.  And there's nothing simple about his challenging and physically demanding drum parts.  Well, at least for me.  :-)

Neil Peart set a standard in terms of progressive rock drumming.  It's his creativity and thinking man's approach which makes his drumming special.  Yet, the drum parts he created do fit really well with Rush's style of music.  It's still musically pleasing. 

I think this is difficult-- simpler execution of techniques but it remains to be heavy and progressive.

Rush's music tends to be evolving first from the  raw aggressive sounding going to the more modern, simple at least at first if you listen to it, ethereal and still progressive.

Peart's drum solos create that ambient feeling, similar to that when you are inside an art museum or listening to a movie soundtrack! at least that's what I feel, and that's what I crave for. It's not about chops, it's all about being simple and ambient but still heavy and progressive.

hehe neil peart style is more conventional than any other progressive drummer. compared to virgil donati and portnoy his showmanship is just enough for their music. he do not overplay most of the time. doesn't sound too technical however, musical perhaps.

NEIL PEART died of brain cancer (January 7)


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