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Master At Arms:
A very respectful hello to all the philmusic moderators.

This seems like a really awesome forum, and I'm happy to be here.  Thanks for having me :)

I hope to be an asset to this community.

Best regards!



I have been sent a warning from a moderator over not posting pictures but instead providing an email where they can be requested.
The warning included a link to a thread that seemed to be about avatar picture posting and unfortunately since my native tongue is English there was not much that explained how I contravened a restriction and received a warning.
My dilemma when first making it into this site I searched how to post pictures and could not find a simple English guideline how to do it. Ignorance is never an excuse but in this instance it is my only defence.
The offering of a source of overcoming this seemed the simplest solution but it appears to be a no-no but it was not my intention to flaunt the R&R of this site.
I attempted to reply to the warning but it failed and all text seems only to be accepted in an endless stream of one line so that is another gap in my understanding of MO on this site.
Hopefully a moderator will see this topic and give some clear English instruction how to avoid these problems. Thanks

Hi guys, Ian here. I'm one of the mods of Guitar Central :)
Fun Fun blog here.
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Every good measure :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave:


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