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Your favorite one hit wonder songs!

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Tumugtog kanina sa radyo yung "In the Meantime", yung kanta ng Spacehog. Wow!
Ang saya naalala ko yung kanta.

Naisip ko yung iba

"Flat Tire" - Athenaeum (more of two hit wonder sila)
"Wide Open Space" - Mansun
"Popular" - Nada Surf (pero ngayon bumabawi na sila)
"Teenage Dirtbag" - Wheatus

Ano pa ba?

Fuel - Shimmer

5 years by Sugar Hiccup

Here a few: Karamihan ng mga nandito sa list are from early 90's daming one hit wonder bands nun...But still sarap magreminisce,ahhh highschool and early college days...bago pumasok ang emo,screamo at mga pogi bands crap :-D lol Peace tayo :-D

Rapture by Seed
Sparky's Dream by Teenage Fan club
Push by Moist
Wish by Coward
Sex and Candy by Marcy Playground
Believe by Dig (this band was predicted to be the next Nirvana...Hmmm,maybe not)
Mother Mary by Far
Mighty KC (Kurt Cobain) by For Squrrels (Band members died due to vehicular accident,i think yung guitarist lang ang nabuhay)
I'm a Slut by Howlin' Maggie
Be Stong Now by James Iha
High by Jimmies Chicken Shack (Although madaming kantang maganda dito eto lng yung talagang sumikat)
Here and Now by Letters to Cleo (I just love the tongue twister Chorus)
Drawer by Summercamp
Breakdown by Tantric (Former Days of the New bandmembers)
You Suck by The Murmurs
Someone Who is Cool by The Odds
Friends of P by The Rentals
Dr. Worm by They Might Be Giants
Rain by Jet Black Joe
Stars; Commin' Home by Hum
It's Over Now by Neve

That Thing You Do - The Wonders  :-)


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