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Guitar Central / Re: Home Recording (Bedroom Players)
« Last post by kirov on Today at 03:22:37 AM »
^ sa audio output settings check mo bro. options>preferences>audio>device
check mo kung na set mo yung soundcard mo as output. download mo yung reaper guide:
page 22 yung output settings
Guitar Central / Re: Home Recording (Bedroom Players)
« Last post by Pfizer on Today at 01:53:28 AM »
Hi mga sir, pwede po magpatulong konti  :wave:

I tried recording my guitar via Reaper -- gamit ko yung THR10X ko via USD. Na-download ko na lahat ng drivers, so ok naman.

Ang problema, after ko mag-record, di ko marinig yung ni-record ko. Nagpa-play yung track, pero walang tunog galing dun sa amp or sa speakers ng laptop. Wala din sa headphones nung sinaksak ko sa headphone jack.

Ano po ba ang kailangan gawin?
Free-for-all Artists forum / Re: Anung Soundtrip Mo Ngayon???
« Last post by yeney_mugc on Yesterday at 09:11:08 PM »
Kryptonite - 3 doors down

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Guitar Central / Re: The PRS Thread...
« Last post by r_chino18 on Yesterday at 07:45:12 PM »
I have the 25th Anniv SE 24. It has the special stock pickups but can't be split. Since this might end as my go-to guitar, I want it to be versatile. Can anyone recommend a good split coil humbucker that is a good match for blues / classic rock play? Hopefully they are zebra color or at least silver soap bar. Looks are 50% of my criteria.  :)

Do you have a specific budget in mind for a set? As far as coming in zebra or having nickel/chrome covers, those are already aftermarket options that are not hard to find. 4-conductor lead wires are also a standard nowadays on aftermarket pickups. :)

I'd look for something in the PAF or low-to-medium output territory if I were you.
Depending on your budget, Dimarzio 36th Anniv PAFs are hard to beat for the price. I like SD Seth Lovers too but I wish they came with 4-conductor lead wires and a potted version.

If you have the case to burn, there are also a lot from the boutique makers.. Bare Knuckle, Wolfetone, etc..
DISCLAIMER: Greenbelt, Landmark, SM BF Paranaque or Santana Grove meetups only. Shipping okay at your expense.

Hi Everyone,

Selling the items below. You can contact me at 0917-5182430

Behringer C1 Condenser Mic, Mic Stand and XLR Cable Package - 4K only

Behringer C1 Condenser Microphone - like new. Barely used. Works perfectly.

Microphone stand - bought from Audiophile. Barely used. Works perfectly.

XLR cable - bought from Audiophile. Premium plugs and cable. Barely used. Works perfectly.

Zoom H1 Recorder - 2.5k

Works perfectly but has cosmetic issues. Stored it for a long time and now finish is sticky, really sticky. Can probably be cleaned but don't want to risk ruining it.
Guitar Central / Re: Home Recording (Bedroom Players)
« Last post by Boxedking on Yesterday at 04:22:05 PM »
Did an instrumental cover of my former band's single. Ang trabaho gawin nun midi drum track. Tatlong araw ko ata bago natapos.

Eto yung original track:
The Photography Forum / Re: Post your photography!
« Last post by pallas on Yesterday at 04:00:32 PM »
Lonestar where are you out that song.

Classifieds: Pro Audio Gear / Re: SOLD: Neumann U87 ai - SOLD
« Last post by johnoy on Yesterday at 03:48:43 PM »
A year late kong nakita ito...  :-o
Classifieds: Pro Audio Gear / FS: Audient iD4 USB Interface
« Last post by johnoy on Yesterday at 01:58:52 PM »
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