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FSO: Epiphone Dot "block" Ebony


Epiphone ES-335 dot "Block"
Good condition, with minor hairline scratches. Nothing affects playability and warm tone.
Asking price: 31k

🇯🇵 Limited run for Ishibashi Music Japan
Bought from Japan (2012 model)
✅Block inlays are limited for this model
✅Rosewood fingerboard
✅Upgraded to Sperzel Locking Tuners (I'm including the original Kluson Style tuners)
✅Classic headstock (casino style)
✅Gibson style Pickguard (stock)
✅Recently setup by Elegee, maintenance by Elegee
✅Bone nut from Elegee (upgrade)
✅Original Epiphone Hardcase

Negotiable! Contact me at 09178742414


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