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--- Quote from: Direk ---hi admin chette,
    this one for the new theme; WOW! as in BIGTIME!great looks indeed.

--- End quote ---

Salamat, salamat!

(Di pa tapos, actually ... may mga di pa nabago sa inside pages ... unti unti na lang. Kailangan ko rin ng tulog hehe)

mas astig to ngayon chette!


--- Quote from: jasperjugan on November 11, 2006, 11:18:03 PM ---mas astig to ngayon chette!

--- End quote ---

Uy Jasper! Long time!!! :)

haha oo nga :)

because of the addictive nature of browsing this forum, i would like to make some time saving suggestions:

1. ban thread bumping / "up"-ing - sure it puts a topic on top or on the front pages, but sayang talaga yung oras sa pag scroll ng ang haaaaaaabaaaaang "up" posts lang. other forums like philMUG (mac users group) ban bumping. concise, simple, useful, practical = efficient.

2. wag din sana mag-post ng "no added value" comments. these come in the form of "ganda naman nyan!" or "danda naman ser!" or "WOW! (with tulo laway smiley), etc. no offense meant, but better sana pag posted comments are of help, informational and educational. better for all.

3. enforce proper title-ing of topics. fictional for example lang: sa guitar classifieds: > FS: electric guitar.
yun lang. o diba sana man lang nilagyan nung model or make para may clue naman yung nagb-browse?

as of this writing i'm still at newbie status (8 posts?). but i don't mind. matagal naman na akong lurker!!! kidding aside, i don't see why others have to pad topics with ups, bumps, kung may pera lang ako posts if all it accomplishes is waste our precious time while not adding any "nutritional value" to what we devote some of our spare time to.

yun lang, just my 2 cents worth. sorry in advance if anybody gets offended. it's not my intention. just wanted to save some of our time so we can do other stuff pa... like practice para gumaling tumugtog, read books, sleep earlier, etc.


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