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best software to create EDM

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Buhay pa ba itong thread na ito?  :-D

Sa ngayon, parehong FL Studio pati Ableton Live gamit ko. Simple lang naman ang dahilan: wala pa akong MIDI keyboard kaya yung basic song structure (wala pang post-prod) sa FL Studio muna. Tapos, kung gusto ko naman i-perform live, sa Live ko na inilalagay. Although, kung remix project naman, sa Live ko ginagawa kasi... mas madali.  :wave:



though im not a fan of the 2 DAW, most of the EDM People use these 2 in conjunction.

I use also Fl Studio

Check my music ...

But Fl Studio has not very good synths, some times I put the same note with 2 synths to create better sound but Native instruments is great !!

You can add some vsts of Native Instruments to your platform as Fl Studio !!

here is my music. All my tunes I did on FL STUDIO

good luck

Actually, FL Studio has good synths. Not very good as in Live, but still there. Though, I love FL Studio's effects. I even use it in Live

Any DAW is fine. just take the time to learn it inside and out. Don't let people dictate if your DAW is "pro" or not since a lot of people gave FL users a hard time before. I started with FL but I use Reason for production and Ableton for live sets. I'd still use FL today too for old times sake if there was one for Mac na direct port.


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