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this is cool ... .thanks guys!!!

@michiko - what else do you need maybe we can help :)

Wow thanks!

I want to learn the simplest way of how to put a watermark and how to frame the image. Sorry i'm so stupid when it comes to PS. I'm an avid Picasa fan hehe!  :-D       


--- Quote from: badongrodrigs on January 11, 2010, 12:21:01 AM ---cool. :)

when using Photoshop, i have a personal rule that i don't mess with the base photo (in the background layer), so i could always go back to Step 1 if i wanted.

the simpler version would be to duplicate the layer (Shift + J), desaturate the new layer, then erase the unwanted parts in the B/W layer to reveal the color underneath! :)

but, whatever works. hehe

--- End quote ---
thanks!!!...look what I did.

I call this.... screaming tubescreamer.

well, the simplest way is to tweak the layer itself. let's assume Layer 1 is a photo you'd like to frame.

double click on Layer 1 (which will bring up the Layer Style pop up), then adjust the Stroke tab (there's a list on the left side). adjust the size and color only, for the mean time.

in the photo below, i also tweaked the Drop Shadow style (from the list) to mimic how Macs presented their photographs :-D

as for the watermark, it will depend how you want it to look like. for the photo below, i chose it to be conspicuous, but within the context of the photo itself. :-D


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