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red lights:

--- Quote from: rogu_rats on August 26, 2016, 10:28:32 PM ---I'm still checking in to see who's on once in a while, but things hard disk could have been infected and files corrupted, tapos defective na...then, the whole system went fully down....whenever I can, I try to borrow my children's phones just to use the internet and logon, but it's not the same as a pc or I am presently using my son's laptop, which I have to fight for with the younger children, hehehe, and I always win....going to 62 in the next few months, and glad to be alive, my elder sister died a couple of years ago after just turning 60, I consider myself more fortunate....but, the last few months also came some new developments...had a prostate checkup several months ago and nothing was wrong, but blood tests revealed my very high blood-sugar levels, which, incidentally was my sister's problem when she was still around...and several of my blood-relatives are diabetic....I really don't make such a big fuss about it,so I have not mentioned anything here until now, but things really get complicated in situations like these and we all have to find solutions to maintain our health for the better, at least what we can control, checking for more information in the internet, reason why I almost never even peep in here, too busy with my case...well, am still raring to go on a jam, if time and schedules permit...sana nga gaya nung una ko pang sinasabi,at para ma-retain ang thread, kwento muna sana kayo...maybe tungkol sa mga experiences sa pagiging musikero o myembro ng banda...

--- End quote ---

ngayon ko lang nabasa to sir, kumusta naman na health nyo? hope makapagjam pa kayo at mapanood ang talagang mga eksperyensado  :-D

teob duremdes:
 Just want to say hello to my fellow Golden Boys. Miss ko na si Bro Boyet Perez mukang naging very tight ang gig sched nya a!

teob duremdes:
Happy Mother's Day mga bro!

teob duremdes:



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