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do you collect watches? Ive only got a few, but I think I will stop buying for now. But will buy again :) pls share your collection

Couple of Swatch watches from the mid 80's. 1 GP.

i only have few as well mostly not expensive, but suits my taste and looks good on me. I will try to post pics, but mostly classic casio's and seiko's. My favorite among the casio is the bin laden watch (f-91w) and the marty mcfly watch form the movie back to the future part II (ca-53w); I also want the classic digital casio's but is overly priced on stores compared to the price in the casio's website.

adik ako sa g-shocks may mga 10 pairs na din cguro.  :cry:

gusto ko rin ng gshocks pero maliit ang kamay ko :(  sa dami ng natry kong model, ng gshock yung dw-9052 lang ang hindi mukhang malaki para sa akin (baby g's not included) ok ba yung model na yun?


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