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--- Quote from: JaCa on March 01, 2007, 07:34:37 PM ---1. ban thread bumping / "up"-ing - sure it puts a topic on top or on the front pages, but sayang talaga yung oras sa pag scroll ng ang haaaaaaabaaaaang "up" posts lang. other forums like philMUG (mac users group) ban bumping. concise, simple, useful, practical = efficient.

--- End quote ---

The suggestion has come up once in a while. But so far, the mods haven't found it too annoying yet. They'll scream when it does.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Jim & Chette --

Right now, bdays lang ata pina-publish nito and I'm sure not all are represented.  IMO, maliit value nito.  Tsaka the people who want to greet fellow forumites already know their bdays and don't look at the calendar feature to keep track.

Instead I suggest users (artists as well as productions and clubs/bars) be allowed to input:
- gig skeds of bands/artists
- clinics, workshops, etc.
- other music related events (Rock awards, Battle of the bands, etc.)

It'd be nice if the user can provide details too:  you click a Calendar entry and it takes you to gig details in another website or a thread started by the user in the Gig announcements section. 

One benefit for the artists/bands is they can avoid better schedule their gigs and avoid overlap with artists/bands of the same genre.  Kami sa blues community di naman madalas mag-gig pero nagkakaroon pa rin ng sked conflict.  Imagine 2 blues gigs on the same night, sometimes within the same city pa!

Possible ba to?  :-)

suggestion lang po kapag mag make ng new thread, maglagay sana ng warning with red and/or bold text sa start a new topic window na nag sasabing: check kung meron na nga bang gumawa ng topic na balak gawin ng thread starter using search function.
just to always remind the new people and also the old ones... :-D

gusto ko yan.... saka nakalagay "dont use textspeak" or bawal ang "text" spelling..

then why are they only in the first page of the forum?

may napuntahan kasi akong isang forum site where yung "sticky threads" nila e talagang sticky, either page 1 or 100 eh andun.

but then again, only the R&Rs and FAQs were stickied there.


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