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kung hindi ako nagkakamali, tolerated pa sila ng mga authorites. pero pag na-spot-tan sila ng speed cameras na lampas 100kph ang takbo, may valid reason para hulihin sila. ang tanong ay kung applicable ba sa expressway yung no contact apprehension?

sa mismong toll gate ka aabangan paps. nahuli ako jan isang beses. di ko napansin na mabilis na pala andar ko.
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Guitar Central / Re: Playing Live? Get a Real Amp! (AxeFX / Helix Rant)
« Last post by nicoyow on Today at 02:23:41 AM »

this video was a rig run down of Coheed and Cambria. There's this statement from Travis that they've been recording their songs using amps before they get big. Doing gigs also with amps. Through the long run, they have the chance to try out fractals and other modelling stuff and its been really hard for them to go back from digital to amps. (non verbatim)

p.s: skip the video 15:50. pardon the lady doing the interview.
Guitar Central / Re: How Much of a Guitar Geek Are You? A Discussion
« Last post by nicoyow on Today at 02:09:42 AM »
Me I'm on the edge of 3-4.  :lol:

Never tried doing electrical stuff on my own. All I can DIY are intonation, preferred action height and changing strings. Though I know how to solder or make my own guitar cables/jacks.

Also, never been a fan of taking care of my guitar's paint jobs and looks. I like my guitar look battered and full of nicks and dings. The more dings it have the sexier for me.

 :lol: :lol:
Guitar Central / Re: Fractal audio ax8
« Last post by Bolt Thrower on Today at 12:28:29 AM »
True re running into power amp in of a tube amp. Saturating output transformers is inimitable and is really satisfying.

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It's the perfect hybrid setup. I sometimes run a preamp sim of a 5150 thru my 5150 and the amp sounds even better compared to when Im just running its own tube preamp. It sounds so clean and accurate without that high volume compression and mush.

This is not the actual photo but i ordered this model yesterday and very excitedly waiting for it to be shipped

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Fender american standard!?

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i have to agree. for live settings, real amps.
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