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Name: Gep Macadaeg

Age: 24

I've been a drummer since: 2000

I play drums for: Five Feet Adjustment, Lip Service

My favorite musical style/s: Rock

My favorite drummer/s: Takashi Kashikura, Stewart Copeland, Erin Tate, Matt Tong, Michael Tapper, Jojo Mayer, Buddy Rich, Raymund Marasigan, Sammy Siegler, Nicko McBrain, Joshua Eppard, Neil Peart

My musical influence/s: Glassjaw, Toe, Forward Russia, Minus the Bear, Dartz, Norma Jean, We Are Scientists, Hot Hot Heat, Eraserheads, Arctic Monkeys, Sound, Rush, Iron Maiden, Coheed and Cambria

My drum gear: Tama 6.5"x14" Artwood snare drum, Meinl cymbals (Byzance Brilliant 14" Fast Hihats, Byzance Brilliant 17" Medium Thin Crash, Byzance Brilliant 20" Medium Ride), Tama Iron Cobra Rolling Glide single pedal, Vic Firth AS8D sticks, Stikz mezzo sticks (drumset coming soon!)

I'm a proud drummer because: Nagagawa ko ang pinakagusto ko gawin. At saka may identity na ako doon e.

Additional info about myself:
1. Mahilig ako sa kwek-kwek
2. Muntikan na akong atakihin sa puso dahil sa kwek-kwek
3. Miss ko na ang Mister Kabab

Name: Mark Chua

Age: 27

I've been a drummer since: 1993

I play drums for: Cosare & Panterica (Na nagha-hybernate pa)

My favorite musical style/s: Hard Rock / Metal

My favorite drummer/s: Lars Ulrich

My musical influence/s: Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera, Skid Row, Disturbed

My drum gear:


Premier na local  :lol:

Ahead 5A
Ahead 5B
Ahead LU Lars Ulrich Sig
Pro Mark Mike Portnoy Sig
Zildjian Travis Barker Sig
Zildjian 5A Anti-Vibe
Zildjian PowerPro 5B
Powerstix Illuminating Sticks

Tama MP125 Mike Portnoy 5x12 Steel Snare
Tama Artwood 5.5x15 Maple Snare

Paiste Reflector 3000 18" Crash
Zildjian A 16" Crash
Zildjian K Custom 17" Dark Crash
Sabian Solar Hats/Crash (Olats, first cymbal ko  :lol: )

Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide Double Peds
Pearl Eliminator Chain Drive Double Peds
Tama Chrome Cobra Double Peds

Tama RhythmWatch Metronome

I'm a proud drummer because: Masarap maging drummer eh, kahit magastos sa gamit  :lol:

Additional info about myself: I collect guitar stuffs! at Online ako palagi!

Name: Rommel Mendoza

Age: 22

I've been a drummer since: 2003

I play drums for: Pektus & Eclipse (unstable groups hehehe)

My favorite musical style/s: Rock / Metal

My favorite drummer/s: Pat Torpey

My musical influence/s: Mr. Big, Wolfgang, Razorback, Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera etc.

My drum gear:


Tama superstar

14" Newbeat Hihats
16" A Custom Crash
17" K Dark Thin Crash
20" K Custom Ride
18" Wuhan China (coming soon..:D)
I'm a proud drummer because: Sarap pumalo pag uwi ng weekends s bhay, ska sarap ng feeling kpag nbubuo mo ung mga gusto mong kanta :D

Additional info about myself: I design houses ska mahilig ako s computer games :D

Name: Michael Sabino

Age: 25

A drummer since: july 2006 (wahehehe pero my whole life i thought as a drummer)

Played drums for: just myself and my personal pleasure

fave style: rock/alternative to heavy rock

Fave Drummer: Lars Ulrich

Drum Gear: Fernando 9ply birch, gray/silver pearl finish

Stock cymbals wahehehe

I like Drumming Because: masarap lang talga magdrums, it's an outlet from everything plus i like the noise it makes hehehe

other info: as you can see hindi pa ako tlga ganap na drummer nagfefeeling lang pero im learning, other than that i am a software writer web and window based. MU player ako wahehehe Bahr server h3ll_g0d5

Name:  Wendell Quinto

Age:  33

I've been a drummer since:  '92 then stopped for about 8 yrs...'04 na uli pumalo

I play drums for:  Lumina

My favorite musical style/s:  New Wave, Indiepop, Britpop, Alternative, Reggae, Ska...konting Jazz almost all naman basta maganda sa pandinig ko

My favorite drummer/s:  Steve Gadd, Neil Peart, Stewart Copeland, Larry Mullen Jr, Adrian Young

My musical influence/s:  Madami...Beatles, New Wave bands like The Cure , Housemartins, U2 etc...The Police, Radiohead, Coldplay, No Doubt

My drum gear:

Fernando Piccolo (13x3)
Tama Iron Cobra single pedal
Zildjian Adrian Young signature stick bag
Vic Firth Sticks

I'm a proud drummer because: Sarap...Astig!!!

Additional info about myself:  

Songwriter, FILSCAP member...saka lurker dito sa Philmusic hehehe


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