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Guitar Central / Re: Zoom G1Four G1XFour
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    G1 FOUR offers 65 built-in effects
    G1X FOUR offers 71 built-in effects
    13 amp models for simulating classic rigs
    Up to 5 effects can be used simultaneously, chained together in any order
    Looper for recording up to 30 seconds / 64 beats of CD-quality audio with seamless start & end times
    Guitar Lab software for creating, editing and managing effects and patches
    68 built-in rhythm patterns which can be used in conjunction with the Looper
    50 memory locations for storing user-created patches
    Auto Save function for automatic saving of all patch parameters
    Onboard chromatic tuner supports all standard guitar tunings, including open and drop tunings
    Input jack accepts standard mono guitar cable (both active and passive instruments supported)
    Auxiliary input jack for connection of personal music players
    Output jack for connection to amp or headphones
    Runs on 4 AA batteries, with alkaline battery life of 18 hours
    USB port for firmware updates, power and connection to Guitar Lab

Pls text me at 09178156328. TY po.
Good conditions yung Fuzz.  di lang ako marunong maglagay ng Pics. Makati area ako.
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lucy poems analysis

Signal chain: Tuner-Beepulator(compulator/HoneyBee)-Active Volume circuit-MS70CDR-Booster-C2
Musicians Wanted! / Re: Lf band. Heavy pop punk/melodic hardcore
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Guitar Central / Re: BluGuitar AMP1 Speaker CAB Emulator Pedal
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Pinoydrums / Re: Brian velasco!!!
« Last post by ponky26 on Today at 07:09:38 AM »
RIP Brian.

someone posted this sa FB after the tragic incident, medyo naka antig balahibo.
not sure if he penned the lyrics.

Wonderful Life
Song by Razorback

I've always had the time to wonder
wondering how wonderful you are.
Tonight I'm in a waking moment
lying still and broken apart.

I've been lying too long. I don't know the truth
and I can't tell what's right from wrong.
So I'm wondering how I'll spend all this time that I've been given
It's been a wonderful life…

I'm finally on my feet on a ledge
that's closer to the sky than to earth
And all of 29 stories is all I hear
I think I need a seat.

My feet are dangling, the wind screaming in my ears
It might be a good day to fly.
And even though I'm wondering ‘bout how good it is to be alive…
It's such a beautiful lie…

Look into tomorrow. What will it bring?
It's a wonderful life.
Will it bring me a present, a savior with wing?
It's a beautiful lie.

I've come to understand with prismatic clarity
What needs to be will be…
It comes to light the introspective suit
That I am wearing doesn't fit me.

Now I'll leave this skin. Maybe now I can begin
To understand, I'm hoping I might.
And even though I'm wondering how it would've been to be alive…
It's such a beautiful lie
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