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best software to create EDM

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I'm just wandering what software is for you the best for making EDM music?  :)

All DAW's are the best, it's just how you use it. Master the software and you are good to go. Walang katapusan na debate yan sa kahit saang forum o website. Some electronic musicians even use two DAW's.

That's the same question I asked when I started to dabble in music production. Just learn one then if you think it's not for you then try another. All DAW's have trial versions so go!

I have this DAW called Fl Studio, did you somehow come across with it? and personally ano yung ginagamit mong software?  :)

Same here, like rixx... I use FL Studio...
But for future purposes, I suggest use Ableton live...
You wont regret it, I promise you that.

yep, I'm trying to cope up with Ableton hahahaha for now I'm focusing on FL.


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