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seeds of gehenna:
BTW,very nice thread!!mga sirs, can you post BT's which are for beginners.I'm a newby here medyo di ko pa masabayan yun mga BT's.Thanks!!UP sa thread na to!!

wow nice thread :-)

--- Quote from: william251082 on March 24, 2008, 04:41:19 PM ---john scofield loud jazz (jam with dennis chambers!)

greg howe from lahed

note: magcomp lang kyo pag nagsolo ung keyboard

--- End quote ---

sir william thank you! :-)


just curious. how big na ( ball park fig. ) in the population are jazz and blues enthusiast? include classical. bec. it is perceived the music for elitists.

I like jazz, blues and classical too. I find more relaxing. I dont know. It just soothes my mind. or maybe mellowing down.


aus toh sir..panalo!

HI guys, pasali, from Bass Place ako, newbie rin


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