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--- Quote from: IncX on March 11, 2014, 12:44:14 PM ---hi, i dont think i've posted here yet :D

--- End quote ---

Welcome, sir!!!  :-D

Hello MODS .. I've been looking for some community like this and boom  :wave:  :mrgreen: .. Im so glad that i join this forum .. So far, so Good .. Turn on the music .. LOL XD

Cheers PhilMusic Family :-)

Best Regards


Thank God for! i'm a music fan (lalo na opm) pero aspiring musician (cross fingers) in the future. hehehe  salamat sa pagtanggap mga MOds ng philmusic. Kudos!

Super BisDak:
Welcome to the community!  :wave:

Ibanez RG370DXZL:
Greetings to all Mods. Kakaregister lang pero dati ng lurker. Acquired my first true legal (di binaligtad) lefthand model EG. I know i'll be learning more from this forum. Glad to be here.

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