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I thought it might be a great idea if there was a thread dedicated solely for forumites to post soundclips of great sounding pedals, whatever it may be, that they come across on the internet.

NO FLAMING. any non soundclip related posts will be edited/deleted. let's keep this thread nice & clean.

on the other hand, no negative opinions on clips diss a post, your post gets deleted. we're here to learn about pedals & not be "holier than thou" or condescending towards your fellow forumites. if you wanna comment, make sure it's a positive one.



--- Quote from: geetar_geek79 ---mamang pulis, ok lang din ba kung video clips?
--- End quote ---

if it does some justice to the pedal/effect. that's fine. :)

kuha ko from harmony-cental guys.original post is:

Mojave Peacemaker head, THD Hotplate, Mojave 4x12 w/G12h30's, SM-57, Vintage API Mic Pre, Suhr Standard.

0:00 - 00:32 Peacemaker straight, no pedals

0:34 - 1:06 Fulltone OCD

1:08 - 1:40 Maxon OD9

1:42 - 2:26 MI Audio Blues Pro

2:28 - 3:04 Keeley Modded Boss SD-1 (older one, no extra switch)

3:07 - 3:43 Keeley Modded TS-9

3:45 - 4:18 Digitech Bad Monkey

4:20 - 4:53 DOD YJM308

4:56 - 5:28 MXR 6 Band

5:30 - 6:04 Fulltone Full Drive II

6:06 - 6:39 Boss SD-1 Stock (Made in Japan)

6:41 - 7:14 Original vintage Ibanez TS-9

7:16 - 7:52 Maxon OD808

There's been a few posts lately where people had a few of these pedals and wondered how they sounded compared to some of these others. I pulled a few pedals out of the case at work and a few out of my closet and recorded this stupidly long comparison clip.

click boost pedal shootout

ngek sayang, binaba na ata ung soundclick page ni chubtone....i listened to it a few weeks ago. click the link above for the harmony central post.interesting conclusion.

edit: i changed the link.... galing ng comparison. very slight yung differences in tone, when you're the one listening anyway. the tone he got mostly from his amp...and his hands  :D .

i think you would 'hear' the differences when you're the one playing. again you respind differently through your attack and all the subtleties.

how about these pedals...


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