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Guitar Central Rules and Regulations thread


*ADDED* For new forum members (hereby called newbies), please watch this short video to understand basic forum ethics:

Due to necessity, some rules should be set in this forum. Please follow these guidelines:

1. Keep the threads and discussions wholesome and on-topic.
- This is the Guitar Central forum, and only guitar-related threads should be posted here. Sex-related remarks or discussions are not acceptable in this forum. When in doubt, post your threads at the Anything Goes forum.

2. Fighting is not tolerated here. RESPECT each other's opinions!
- Fighting won't be tolerated here. If you wish to continue fighting against each other, do it somewhere else.
- Profanity is also not allowed here. Let's keep it wholesome.

3. Redundant Q&A threads will be deleted without warning.
- Please read the existing threads before creating a NEW thread just to ask something. Creating new threads just to ask for the prices of guitars, amps or pedals/accessories is one such example. If you have guitar-related questions, please post them at this thread:,48987.0.html

Also, you can use the search function of the main PhilMusic site to look for past threads. Here's the link:

4. Make your thread titles clearer.
- Avoid creating thread titles that are incomplete or off-topic.

Examples of such titles are:
"Anu masasabi nyo?"

5. Avoid textspeak!
- We mostly have complete keyboards, so please type every word in whole.

6. Do not post threads about items wanted or for sale/trade here.
- This forum is not a marketplace. Post them at the Classifieds forum instead.

First offense = thread will be moved to the proper forum
Second offense = thread will be deleted
Third offense, etc. = offending member will be a candidate for suspension or banning

Members who fail to follow these rules and regulations will be reprimanded. Again, we only have to do this because it's necessary. That's all. Enjoy your time here at Guitar Central and post away! :)

Some new rules have been added. Please read the revised rules and regulations. Thanks :)


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