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parang si jr kilat yung kumakanta ?

uwah, cool pictures! i love the third one you posted, slave_unit! :D

uhhh, here's a stupid picture i took at the studio but it's blurry 'cause i uploaded this on myspace and they lower picture quality when uploading. i can't find the original high quality pic and it's actually made me depressed, haha. damn. -_-

yup si kilat yan...

indie_boy: may gig tayo sa feb 4, tawagan tayo praktis tayo sa wed pde k?

i'll try to post a picture later if i can, i have this great shot of New York i took last month.  Ano ba ang size limit pag nag-po-post???

spad, busy pa ko sa CCAP bandfest eh.. col u na lng..  8)


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