Author Topic: Mother who encouraged her teenage daughter to have sex with a 'sugar daddy'  (Read 3223 times)

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Jeremy Kyle has confronted a surgery obsessed mother who allowed her 18-year-old daughter to sleep with the 'sugar daddy' who paid for their cosmetic surgeries, branding it 'disgusting'.

The presenter slammed Georgina Clarke, 41, for allowing her daughter Kayla Morris, now 23, to dance for and have sex with the men paying for their cosmetic surgeries.

Kyle slammed the mother of four, questioning: 'What sort of mother allows her 18-year-old daughter to actually dance and sleep with older men in return for cosmetic procedures?'
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dapat yung mother na lang nagpatira eh
Kahit na nasasaktan, Hindi pa rin mahindian

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dapat yung mother na lang nagpatira eh
ang tanong..tanggapin kaya?
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nakakatakot yung mga pagmumuka nila e.
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