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Warning To All At Philmusic


This was posted on another website. I want to repost it here as a public service announcement.

I want to share with you a very unfortunate incident that happened to our band. We are Positive Vibes - former members of Sprikitik. Our mishap is to warn you all and hoping this ends with us.

Sir, I would like to bring to your attention a member
> of livebands that we found recently as an illegal
> recruiter. We were victims of his scheme just last
> December.
> His full name is Noliven Aguilar although he goes by
> the name of Marc. He is a regular contributor to
> another musicians' message board.
> Last October our band (Positive Vibes - former members
> of Sprikitik minus Jack Caracut and Joey Estacio)
> contacted Marc Aguilar and drafted him as our male
> vocalist. Things went pretty ok until mid-November
> when he told us that he found an opening in the Middle > East through his former employer in the middle east
> that goes by the name of Josie. The name of the agency
> is Horizon (based in Dubai he said). We jumped on the
> opportunity as we really needed work. So we prepared
> the usual requirements (portfolio, video photos,
> etc...)that of course needed money. As we were out of
> work since Joey migrated to Singapore, we already used
> our savings to get this going. Early December, Marc
> told us to give him P2,800.00 (per person) to start
> the processing of papers. He also told us that he
> doesn't have the money for the processing so our
> keyboardist lent him the said amount. A few days
> later, he asked us an additional thousand so that we
> don't need to go through a medical exam.
> We started feeling suspicious of the proceedings
> because we never heard a word from the booking agent
> in Dubai (we only knew that we are to be stationed in
> Bahrain last December), never called us, never emailed
> us. All "correspondence" was done by Marc. HOw come we
> never heard anything from the agent.
> December 23 8AM, we received a text message from Marc
> saying to go to the UAE embassy at 830AM for the
> interview! I was very very angry at that time because
> it was so stupid to notify us for 30minutes travel time and
> all of us are living at least 2 hours away from
> Makati. Worse, December 23 was a Saturday and we know
> that embassies are closed that day. Nevertheless we
> met at Makati just the same "para lang matapos na
> lahat at makabiyahe na." We all went there except
> Marc. At around 11 he told us to meet him in Araneta
> Cubao. We all went there at 1pm. Still no Marc.
> Finally, we were told to just send him through his
> email our scanned passport and sample signature. This
> was all done by our female singer.
> Night of December 23, our female singer received an
> email from a certain Sajith from Palace Inn Hotel,
> Bahrain. He was inquiring if we want to proceed
> without a male singer. He told us that Marc's
> application for a visa was denied because he has
> numerous lawbreaking offenses in Bahrain. We were
> shocked by this turn of events. Without the slightest
> hesitation we said yes as we don't want to associate
> ourselves with a shady person.
> After Christmas day, Marc sent text messages to our
> keyboardist and female singer accusing us of bypassing
> the Horizon agency to this booking. Our keyboardist
> was confused as to what was he accusing us for. Marc
> even knows the contents of the email Sajith sent us.
> We vehemently denied the accusation and said to him
> that we never knew that he has numerous offenses in
> Bahrain that's why he was denied a permit and could
> not join us. He threatened us that he will do
> everything in his power so us we cannot leave the
> Philippines and Josie will make sure that our lives in
> Bahrain will be hell if we ever get to make it to
> Bahrain. He even stated Josie married a very close relative of the Saudi royal family and could have us killed if she wants to.
> Our female singer then dared Marc to give us the
> number and email of Josie so that we may talk to her
> directly and clarify all things. He never replied to
> our inquiry. He asked us on the 29th to meet us at
> Sta. Lucia Mall in Marikina to clarify all things with
> him. The keyboardist, female singer and I went there
> but again NO MARC AGUILAR in sight. We called his
> mobile phone and his "wife" answered the call. She
> said that Marc is in Laguna and never knew about that
> meeting. We then concluded that all the proceedings
> was a sham.
> Still Sajith is sending us emails but his messages
> seems to get fuzzier and fuzzier. He first insist that
> we should arrive there on the 30th of December, then
> adjusting it to the 4th of January. His last email was
> that we find a male singer and leave on the 15th. He
> will spend everything plus our cash advances. To this
> day no word of confirmation from this Sajith. It is
> also quite amusing that the email address was
> (not very sure as to the
> exact spelling of the address). How can the general
> manager of the hotel correspond to us with a Yahoo
> email? (Plus is this Sajith for real? Or an alias of Marc to hang on to his scam?)
> We all lost at least P5,000.00 and Marc Aguilar is no
> longer talking to us.
If you ever know this Marc personally, please reply to this thread and help us find him. We demand that he clear things with us.

And if you ever encounter this guy. Be forwarned.

oh p.s.
What I posted here is just half of what happened. I will be willing to tell you more. Email me at I am convinced information is one key to stop his dirty modus operandi


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