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Brian velasco!!!

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is it true magkakaroon sila ng reunion gig sa 19th east this month?


--- Quote from: uglyguy on October 13, 2008, 04:09:03 PM ---is it true magkakaroon sila ng reunion gig sa 19th east this month?

--- End quote ---

actually hindi sya reunion gig, hindi naman nawala Razorback. Anniversary gig nila yung sa 19 East, October 17, this friday.... tapos alam ko magkakaroon na din sila nang gig ulit sa 70's Bistro sa Anonas Q.C.... :-)

nkakamiss yung era ng bex at wulbs!  ngayun panay three note riff ang nglabasan wether pogibands or meshaggahsoundsalike :)

yep di nga reunion gig, razorback's been active again for quite some time now.

anyway, i love brian velasco's drumming. sobrang sarap talaga niya pumalo. as compared to say wolfgang's drummer, who's somewhat stagnant and boring. opinion lang naman. (tbh he sucks. lol)

sir brian velasco's drumming has a lot of small details and obscured nuances which are truly ear candy. groove, fills, lahat panalo. concerning their records, multiple listens are required to truly appreciate and hear everything there is to hear. :)

plus kay brian velasco ko na-discover ang african music/afro-pop hehe. awesome.

yup mas maraming cymbals fills ang bex, yung mga double cymbal hits and tomtom works na malulupit.


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