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Survival Guide to Guitar Central (based on A True Story)

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si Lakan... mahilig yan....

tumugtog. shempre philmusic eh.

Ang tagal ko na sa PM ngayon ko lang nabasa to.  :)

Definitely a good read. Good job TS.   :mrgreen:

mismo to!  :) daming matututunan lalo na sa mga di pa bukas na isip na mga musicians. kudos!

daming jologs  :-D
wag pansinin

Speaking from my philmusic experience lately... I don't post so much these days. I don't know if it's work, family, and other priorities, but I don't get the usual GAS pangs anymore, despite the enthusiasm of everyone with their new toys.  I also tend to get bored with the usual flame wars of gear and ideas of tone, so I stay out of those threads (but I browse thru them as one would browse old magazines.. Nice to remind oneself the usual sentiments, but not worth losing sleep over if the consensus is typically wrong IMO).. It's easier now for me to brush aside gear lust, though I still enjoy the drool process. The submit new thread or new reply button doesn't even appeal to me as much anymore.

What gets me excited at this point in my philmusic residency is the chance to share information that has proven valuable for me. Never mind the other touchy stuff. Info is what got me to GC, and fresh info is what keeps me tuned in. What's trendy, what is the popular way of doing things, etc. Whether it's something I would apply to my gear, I like to think I can discern for myself already at this point. ^-^

So to summarize, don't worry if you get riled up over trivial matters on GC, dear reader, over time the maturity will come that you learn to assimilate what is yours to use, and like smoke evade the wastes of energy. I see that a lot of the active members before have taken to lurking instead of their usual post-happy-trigger-finger ways, so I can say I don't speak for myself only.

So with their advise also.... Chill lang and enjoy your stay.


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