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Classifieds: Guitars / Re: LF Ibanez XP300 FX
« Last post by julatman on Today at 12:55:21 AM »
Guitar Central / Re: MOOER GE200 Amp Modeling and Multi Effects IR loader
« Last post by broduo on Yesterday at 11:06:49 PM »
Classifieds: Guitars / Re: FS/FT: Ernie Ball Music Man Silhouette
« Last post by emg on Yesterday at 10:53:24 PM »
Ernie Ball Music Man Silhouette (Pearl White) - 65k
All stock
Complete with Music Man Hard Case
DiMarzio Pickups

Trade baits:
Gibson SG Standard or higher
Ibanez RG or S Prestige (for the ESP-LTD only)
Music Man Guitars
Trade offers must be in mint condition.

Ansons Ortigas or The Grove C5 meetups only.

Send me pics sir.
Classifieds: Pro Audio Gear / Re: FS: Novation Circuit (15k)
« Last post by muffinman on Yesterday at 09:52:52 PM »
Classifieds: Guitars / Re: FS Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin 2
« Last post by JSyjuco on Yesterday at 09:46:11 PM »
Up!!  :-D
Guitar Central / Re: voltage regulator for guitar amp
« Last post by titser_marco on Yesterday at 09:05:42 PM »
220-230v is ok, but the unstability of th wall voltage that night made the amp's bias crazy. and that voltage is a bit low where i bias my amp to 235-240v. that is why i think i need a voltage regulator to make it stable.

that's my humble amp, everything is in there including all the caps and everything. love this amp. im still doing a lot of research on how the voltage in every place will be stable. thanks for the inputs

IMO unless the the voltage swing (and resultant bias shift) causes redplating in any of the tubes, it shouldn't worry you. I

In principle if the wall voltage goes down, so would all other voltages in the amp, including bias voltage and the B+ since most amp designs use a multitap secondary in its power transformer. If the B+ at 230v say is at 450vDC and  bias  voltage is at -53vDC, any upward swing in the wall (say 240vAC) would mean approx 270vDC and a bias voltage of -55vDC. The higher B+ is going increase the flow of electrons BUT the accompanying negative bias should more or less be countering that effect.

Now of course if your amp uses a separate transformer altogether for B+ / or bias (very unlikely) this rule should be taken with caution.

But hey your amp your rules.

PS. The mV readings you have are not bias voltages. They are approximations of tube dissipation (which is controlled by adjusting the bias voltage). Think of the bias voltage as a flame control on your stove: the higher the bias voltage, the less LPG (electrons) go to the plate, resulting in a colder amp.
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