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ako naman po magtatanong....:)

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uhm... i've just acquired a 2nd hand guitar... strat-typed sha... nice nman yung maple neck and rosewood fingerboard, malinis, even the fretwires... yung body may konting dents, pero nde nman halata pag malayuan...:) black color yung body... one thing i really don't like with it is it's pickguard, and i'm sure you've seen my posts searching for a perloid one... originally kasi white yung pickguard, pero pininturahan nya ng itim, napapangitan lang me kasi white yung pups, knobs... nde mashado malinis yung pagkakapintura and sobrang dami ng scratches and nde tlga pantay yung paintjob... eniwei, rily don't have any idea how much it costs, pero mahal daw pala ung perloid na pickguard! :oops:  so i just took off the pickguard and backplate and was about to take mr alalala's tip on restoring it when my friend told me na dalhin na lang muna nya yung pickguard and backplate sa isuzu plant para isabay sa painting dun.... ayus!!! PWEDE!!!! so i gave it to him muna and hopefully he could have it repainted with pearlwhite or metallic white... ok nman yun for a black strat-typed guitar dba?? so yun, hopefully maganda ang kalalabasan.... i'm thinking pa nga of replacing the volume and tone knobs din eh, pang-arte lang....:) so enough about aesthetics, let's go to technical stuff...(tama ba? :? ) pick-ups are ok, except that mejo mahina sha sa 1st and 2nd strings... pno ko po ba maiaadjust yun? got a ssh config pla...:) action sobrang ok for me, except na naman sa fret buzz sa 3rd string, 9th fret... so pano ko po ulit aadjust yun? san po ba nakakabili nung maliit na wrench na pang-bridge ng gitara? lastly, ano po kaya pede pang gawin sa gitara ko aesthetically and for the tone thingie??? hehehe.... sori.... feel ko lang mag-inarte.... :lol:

first step, buy a hard paragraph return. ;-)

go easy on the smiley faces, man - i can't see your face anyhow so go easy on it.

from the sound of your post, it seems you are looking to have this thing prepped up rather than have it intonated and played. first thing is first, since you don't know anything about your guitar AND you have no clue about the parts, bring the guitar down to your local guitar tech and have it intonated. just say this, "I want this guitar set-up and intonated." Have the saddles adjusted, the pickup heights adjusted and the frets dressed.

Next, you mentioned something about adjusting or improving your tone. This is a LENGHTY topic and I ain't even going to start because I can already sense questions along the lines of, "What amp should I get"? Please don't ask that. Tone thingy? Tone what? Tone pots? Tone plastic knobs? What can I do to better adjust my tone as far as pickups? Tone what exactly? You have to be clear and concise with what you want. The aesthetic parts of a guitar don't have anything to do with the playbility of your axe unless it involves the following: the physical condition of the wood, the integrity of the neck and body, the functionality of the pickups, the stability of the bridge and its parts as well as the nut, frets, and tuning machines. Other than those items, the thing could be smeared with peanut butter and it should work fine UNLESS the peanut butter is covering the pickups, of course.

wait - do you know how to play? reason I am asking is it will help others help YOU to better understand what parts you are looking to get serviced or replaced. But more importantly, is the guitar a Fender guitar or another brand. if that item was a vintage guitar and you repainted need to whup your own a$$.

hahaha.... hirap ba basahin?  :oops:  tuloy-tuloy kasi ako magtype kanina... nasa office kasi me eh... sori sir delta...:)

sir abyss, no it's not a fender guitar... wahehe... uhm, and yeah i know how to play...(no smileys oki, stop that urge!!!) hehehe, just kidding... soree dude mejo nasanay me kakatype ng smileys sa ym...

(yan, second paragraph) :wink:  oki, mejo malabo unang post ko.. :oops:  hehe, sori po... uhm... to be exact, it's a yamaha "i-dunno-wat-model-exactly" guitar, but it's a strat-typed guitar.. ssh config... it's not a jap, and ok lng sakin paglaruan to... don't wori po sir abyss, im oriented nman po sa guitars, and i know kung ano yung may value sa wala...:)

frets need not to be dressed, that i'm sure... fretwires are decent, sabi din sakin nung 1st owner nde nya mashado nagamit to and last year lng nabili... no need to adjust the truss rod naman so oki pa ko... nice maple neck and rosewood fingerboard so no need to tackle on that din..

yung about po sa tone, nde po me magtatanong sa amp or effects..:) sure po... need to adjust lng the pickups kasi nung unang subok ko mejo mahina nga po yung 1st and 2nd strings.. nde ko lang po masubukan ulit kasi wala po yung pickguard ko... i just want to ask for some tips in doing this... also pati po dun sa fret buzz sa 3rd string ko...


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