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RP BAND (Run for your love / When angels march across the sky)

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Really cool if you can post the picture of the album cover.


--- Quote from: stringman on October 12, 2008, 09:01:37 AM ---You hit it right!! I really dig how their songs were recorded. During that time ang galing!!

--- End quote ---

They really sounded foreign then, galing ng recording at ng song. Early NU 107 days eto ! At a time when The Dawn & Identity Crisis were the only local rock bands who have recorded respectable quality recordings. They were one of the pioneers! RP is a big favorite of mine together with then upcoming local band as welll, FRONTIER of the Take My Hand fame. :mrgreen:

Allan Roy:
RJ UR 105.9 FM regularly play the songs of  RP Band.  The station even guested Geoff Macaraig during the Pinoy Rock Show early this year .... Great Band..... Great Album

Is it a whole album or just 2 tracks? I only heard Run and When Angels..........

Back then recording was reel based, cut to cut editing. The talents of the engineers really surfaced.


--- Quote from: stringman on October 13, 2008, 04:50:06 AM ---Really cool if you can post the picture of the album cover.

--- End quote ---

Would look for the LP this weekend and as soon as I find it (fingers crossed) will snap pics of the front and back artwork and vinyl.

Post updated. Here goes:


Side A
1. Keep Our Love Alive (Aves/Macaraeg)
2. Run (G.Macaraeg)
3. Love Is All I Need (Aves/Macaraeg)
4. While Angels March (Ocampo/Macaraeg)

Side B
1. Got Carried Away (B. Aves)
2. So Glad (G. Macaraeg)
3. Set Me Free (Asuncion/Aves/Macaraeg)
4. Street Legal (G. Macaraeg)

Goff Macaraeg: Vocals
Bob Aves: Guitars, Keyboards and Bass
Roy Mercado: Drums

Guest Musicians:

Ric Segreto: Back-up Vocals
Louie Ocampo: Keyboards on "While Angels March"

Produced by Bob Aves & Goff Macaraeg
Executive Producer: Mike Pedero
All songs arranged by Bob Aves
Recorded and Mixed by Jofel Meimban & Mike Pedero at Tracks Recording Studio
Album Cover by Libertine Aves

Copyright 1985 Aves/Macaraeg
Released by Blackgold Records Corporation (BA-5161)

Hope this helps :)


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