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THE BLOOMFIELDS (like 'em or hate 'em)

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--- Quote from: chuck sabbath on May 02, 2007, 09:32:17 AM ---may endoresement pa ni jamon racinto sa publicity/promo/propaganda nila :roll:...kiss of death men....

--- End quote ---

Yeah. But only in reference to the logo on his guitars (jeezas)

I like them. As a hardcore old school guy, I think they are great. Although I have some observations:
1. They are not tight sounding - it must be because they are good showmen, the bassist and the drummer forgot to hold down the rhythm. Pag nagtatalon o nagtatakbo nabubutas na ang rhythm.

2. There choice of covers needs much to be desired. They can explore more '60s bands than what they have now.

But they are a good band still. Hands down.

Ashtigin... (kase mahilig ako sa vintage brit..)

Teka bakit sa pinoy pop ung forum?...

Maganda coordination... not bad for a band that started in SOP... (u see ang tindi... ng connections?)

astig yung rickenbacker nung bass player at nung isang gitarista!! i bought their album...its nice...hehe

Santo Muerte:
[sarcasm]They're very original & innovative.[/sarcasm]


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