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DSLR or M 4/3, why?

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I used to own a DSLR camera and sold it afterwards,
nagka budget ulit ako para bumili ng camera, not a profession kundi hobby lang din..

gusto ko po sana malaman ang opinion nyo and to differentiate both camera.

kung hobby, go mirrorless. m4/3 or cropped sensor sizes sila but sony has full frame(if youre willing to blow your wallet). im sure you will be outside shooting stuff at random times - yung portability nila mirrorless ang tumatalo sa dslr. isa pang dapat iconsider mo ay yung lens selection. canon and nikon definitely has more options to provide lalo na kung may adaptor ka na. or take full advantage of live view and buy those full manual or vintage lenses. ang kalaban mo lang talaga sa mirrorless ay shorter battery life. if youre taking this route, stock up on at least 2-3 spare batteries.

go fuji X-H1 or sony A7iii if swak sa budget, if not then go to models below them like the X-T1 or T2 or sony A7ii

Beginner? Start with a cropped sensor. Don't go blow your budget just because it is the "trend" and after some time you'll realize it is not your thing. Sayang ang budget. Mabilis din bumaba ang price nito sa market so hindi mo mababawi ang puhunan if you decided to sell it. So start small, eventually if you really got hooked into it, you can upgrade anytime.

^still, start with the mirrorless line up. in my encounters with random people, almost all of them said they own a camera and they want to shoot more but couldnt find the time to do it kasi bulky ang gamit nila and they cant find the time to bring it everyday and get out it of the bag in a whim. sa mirrorless, wala kang ganyan excuse. just keep the battery and memory card slapped in so whenever you have an urge to shoot something, just slip your fingers in your bag and wala pang 5 secs nagko-compose ka na ng shoot mo.


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