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We know that the drumming community is a tight, cooperative bunch.  In order to maintain harmony in our forum, I formulated some rules and guidelines.  Please take a moment to review:

1. No text spelling.
We have enough message space here, so we don't need to use SMS-style spelling or lingo. And sometimes they're so annoyingly hard to read.

2. No all-caps posts please.
CAPITALS are used for shouting and SHOUTING IS RUDE. Please don't shout (except when it's an acceptable, non-offensive one-liner).

3. No exaggerated font sizes please.
The default font is decent enough to be read by people of all ages.  Don't use excessively large or small fonts (except when it is appropriate).

4. No excessive use of punctuation marks, symbols, and smileys.
This is self-explanatory.

5. No SPAMS.
This is self-explanatory.

6. No impersonating.
Do not post using a false email address or false identity, including those of other forum participants or public figures. To anybody caught doing this, expect a message from the PhilMusic Admin.

7. No profanity.
You are free to express yourselves in this forum.  However, excessive, unneccesary use of profanity and obscene language is unacceptable.

8. Please define your message topics.
When opening new topics, please be specific with the title.  For example, don't use "I'm A Newbie" or "I Need Help" or "I Have A Question" titles; be specific with what you want to ask or talk about.  For existing threads with those described titles, I'll just edit those...

9. Avoid multiple topics and posts; make use of the SEARCH function.
Before posting a new topic, make sure that you won't be repeating an existing discussion/topic by checking the SEARCH function of the board.  Avoid multiple posts as well.  If ever situations like these happen, I'll just go ahead and merge, lock or delete the post, depending on the situation.

10.  Use polls only when needed.
This is self-explanatory.  Because some just make fun with it.

11. Please post topics and messages on appropriate threads and forums. Use the PM function for Personal Messages
If there's anybody posting buy/sell/trade messages, post it at the Marketplace Forum.  If there's anyone looking for a drummer, post at the Musicians Wanted Forum.  Or I'll just move or delete your posts.  As much as possible, please avoid off-topics.  But if it's unavoidable, please state that it's an off-topic post (just type "OT", for example).

As much as possible, please limit small talks, one-liner posts, and senseless posts of texts and images (unless you're trying to attract attention, or just trying to be cute).  Let's use internet space wisely and more productively.

12. Show respect and courtesy.
Again, this is self-explanatory.  I assume that everybody here is mature and civilized, so I hope nobody starts a fight or something.  Constructive criticism is acceptable.

Flame-baiting and hate threads/topics/posts will be automatically removed or edited.

13. One Picture Per Page.
When citing a post with pictures that is still located on the same page, use "@Juan dela Cruz" (to the user you are referring to) instead of quoting the post with the images resulting into repeated identical images in the page. You are allowed to quote an image if it is on a previews page only and not yet present on the current page. This is to allow faster page loads for our low bandwidth users and for better organizational purposes.

When in doubt, use your common sense.  Or refer to The Core Rules Of Netiquette ---> .

Failure to follow these simple rules and regulations will result in the deletion of your thread/post with out prior notice

Thanks for checking this out.  Simple lang naman ang guidelines, aight?  Aprub!  Enjoy. 8)

Please read and understand by heart what I added on Guideline #11:

And as much as possible, please limit small talks and one-liner posts (not unless you're trying to attract attention, or just trying to be cute hehe kidding).  Let's use internet space wisely and more productively.

So, please, if you're not going to post anything relevant, don't post at all.  I know some people want to gain some extra attention or want to have the most number of posts in a short time... Please contribute QUALITY posts.  And remember, Forum can possibly have message traffic problems due to shallow, senseless, useless one-liner posts. 

Pinoydrums is a credible and respectable community of Pinoy drummers.  Peace... 

I notice a lot of newbies here in Pinoydrums.  So, welcome to all of you newbies!  8-)

To newbies, and to our not-so-new and regular members, please read/review these Pinoydrums Forum Guidelines.

Just to remind some people about common Forum "violations"...

- Please DON'T USE TEXT SPELLING!!  (Guideline #1)

- Please DEFINE YOUR THREAD TOPICS!!  (Guideline #8)

- Before posting a topic, make sure that it's a new topic.  Do some research first.  Because the topic you're planning to open up may be existing already.  (Guideline #9)

- As much as possible, please limit small talks and one-liner posts (not unless you're trying to attract attention, or just trying to be cute).  Let's use internet space wisely and more productively.  (Guideline #10)

Please be relevant and productive in this Forum.  If you really have nothing much to say, then don't post at all.

Okay, that's all...  Enjoy!   8-)

Akira JUMBO:
A Must see:

Akira JUMBO:
Just a reminder:
"Not knowing the rules is not an excuse!"


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