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The Official Philmusic Mountaineering Group

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backpacker here please count me in  :-D

count me in too  :)

Climb na tayo guys!  :)

KEWL. Whens the next climb?


--- Quote from: michiko.airashii on January 17, 2013, 04:21:43 AM ---Yes, Sir Jim gave us the thumbs up!  :-D

Let us kinda make this our home, if you are a budding mountaineer and wants to explore like us, you can always join!

So far the members are:

1. michiko_airashii
2. karlwilson
3. lil.drummerboy
4. ganjie

If you want to join just post here and tell us about your climbs!

So guys, let's set a dayhike then foodtrip after para matagal tagal tayo magkakasama hehe!

Lets list the mountains where we want to go and vote for it then settle the date afterwards.

1. Mt. Sembrano

Game na! 

--- End quote ---


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