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Name:Osbourne B. Cafe


I've been a drummer since:2002

I play drums for: Soundmerge band (Cebu based band), Miryclay, Citichurch worshipteam.

My favorite musical style/s: gospel, funk and jazz

My favorite drummer/s: Vinnie Colaiuta, Oscar Seaton, David Garibaldi, Rickson Ruiz, Benjie "Bagetz" Mendez , Michael Alba and many to mention

My musical influence/s: Church and gospel artist, Sting, The Police, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Eraserheads, Southborder, 

My drum gear: Pearl Forum 5 pc kit (10,13,14 toms) 22" Bass drum, Pearl Masters MCX maple 14x5.5 snare, Zildjian A Custom 18" crash,
Zildjian K ride 20", Zildjian A Custom mastersound hihats 14"

I'm a proud drummer because: I have the oppurtunity to give back my talent to our Lord Saviour and also to inspire younger drummers on the art of being the time keeper in the band.

Additional info about myself:

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Name: Jerome Zapanta

Age: 27

I've been a drummer since: 2001 during high school days, on and off

I play drums for: Personal satisfaction, stress reliever. Me and my bestfriend jam with only a guitar and drums for fun and love of music.

My favorite musical style/s: Rock, Metal and Alternative

My favorite drummer/s: Abe Cunningham, Lars Ulrich, Jose Pasillas, Neil Peart, Joey Jordison, Matthew McDonough, Mike Portnoy, Aaron Spears and many others

My musical influence/s: Deftones, Mudvayne, Metallica, Slipknot, Incubus and many others

My drum gear: Pearl export series, Paiste brass 101

I'm a proud drummer because: I love music specially beats. Lively beats adds another dimension to anything.

Additional info about myself: I'm not a good drummer and I consider myself a hobbyist and by joining this forum I hope to learn more about playing and how to take care of drum kits.

Name: Christopher   

Age: 25

I've been a drummer since: nagpaplano pa lng lolx  :-D pero nag ssnare drum ako sa marching band nung grade 6 ako. 1 2 3 4 taka takatak tak, tanda ko pa ung nag iisang beat pattern namin hahah!

I play drums for: for my future band, taena kc pag pumunta ka ng Musicians Wanted or band search sa fb puro gitarista ang naghahari at halos lahat drummer ang kailangan.

My favorite musical style/s: punk rock, metalcore, punkmetal, alternatives.

My favorite drummer/s: uhh michael tomas (BFMV) hehe fav band ko BFMV eh

My musical influence/s: Story of the year, Bless the fall, escape the fate, BFMV, a day to remember, senses fail, yellowcard, asking alexandria, as i lay dying,

My drum gear: dalwang kamay, dalwang paa at dalwang hita ko :eek: hehe pero capable ako bumili anytime pag gusto ko na.

I'm a proud drummer because: kc drummer tlga ang nag dadala ng flow ng kanta, pag sablay ang drummer sablay na lahat. saka ang hirap mag hanap ng drummer hahah!

Additional info about myself: Guitarist, Web developer, Networker.

PS: I'm looking for drum teacher near manggahan, pasig city. with own gears (cempre) at preferably natugtog din ng mabibigat.


--- Quote from: sonicassault on July 01, 2014, 11:38:32 AM ---Name: Bogart Zapata

Age: 25

I've been a drummer since: 2005

I play drums for: Myself. As a hobby. Previously for Kitten Barbecue

My favorite musical style/s: rock, pop, funk, fusion

My favorite drummer/s: Carter Beauford, Dennis Chambers, Jojo Mayer, Mike Alba, Tony Royster when he was a kid, Bernard Purdie, Steve Gadd, Omar Hakim, Dave Weckl, Jhoon Balbuena

My drum gear:
Yamaha Gigmaker 20BD, 16FT, 14SD, 13LT, 12HT
LP Piccolo Jam Block

Drum Stick preference: Vic Firth 7A, Nova 7A, Vic Firth 9+1 hehehe                                 

Current Cymbal Set-Up:           
Istanbul Mehmet Sultan 14" hats
Istanbul Mehmet Sultan 16" crash
Istanbul Mehmet Sultan 20" ride
Stagg Furia 8" splash
Stagg SH 16" china

Snare Drum: Pearl Brass Piccolo 13x3

Pedal: stock strap drive kick pedal

Additional info about myself:
I have an injury in my left forearm (twisted bone) that practically disabled fine motor movement, that's why I have a weird right hand heavy sticking, and I can't accomplish rudiments at normal speed  :-)

--- End quote ---

Hai Guy's I am Newbie for this Website :")


   .. I already 23 y/old ( oo Matanda na:) ) Starting to Play a Drums Since 2012 till Now,
i Use my talent for God's Glory, But Willing to Jam and Fellowship some Rock Band, Christian Band, Enything Basta band :") . Cause there's no reason para ipagbawal ang pag samasama ng mga Band, (unbelievers and Believers) Right ?   

   .. Im Using GTX Drum Gear (Cheap to other, hehe.) Zildjian High-hat, Crush and Ride and With Remo Skin, . . .

   .. i Love Playing Drums like Pop, Jazz Specially a Christian song, and i have a Band, Name as Excelsis Band on my Church. and We have a Concert this Year, Some Churches and Event Inviting us to be a Guest to His Gathering's and Event . . .

i think that's all.

Thank you and God Bless..


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