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Hello po. First time to post in this thread. Hope someone can help me. Tried Google already but to no avail.

Am having issues highlighting in MS Office on 1 computer. Dati kasi, after I choose a word and highlighting it, i could simply insert a space and continue on typing without having the new word/s (and space after the originally highlighted word) being highlighted. I believe this is the default setting as my other computers behave this way.  Pero ngayon, whenever I choose a word and highlighting it, tuloy-tuloy pa din yung highlight sa space after the word and duon sa mga bago ko na tina type. My only work around is to type the new word before highlighting what only needs to be highlighted.  :-(

I probably clicked on something I shouldn't have at one point before the issue appeared but I just can't figure out what it was.

Any ideas or, hopefully, a resolution?

Thanks po!  :wave:


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