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Doctors say CDC should warn people the side effects from Covid vaccine.

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The CDC must be transparent about the side effects people may experience after getting their first shot of a coronavirus vaccine, doctors urged during a meeting Monday with CDC advisors.

Dr. Sandra Fryhofer said that both Pfizer’s and Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccines require two doses and she worries whether her patients will come back for a second dose because of potentially unpleasant side effects after the first shot.

Both companies acknowledged that their vaccines could induce side effects that are similar to symptoms associated with mild Covid-19, such as muscle pain, chills and headache.

Kamusta? May mga tinamaan ba ng COVID sa atin dito?

Stay safe mga chong. I don't really care if you believe in the virus or not, basta ugaliin nyo sundin ang protocols at stay healthy.

Medyo nalapit ang COVID dito samin when the owner of the sari sari store I frequently buy stuff from got infected with it. As a precaution, naka quarantine kami ngayon kahit fully vaxxed kami.

There's also the seasonal flu that everyone is experiencing. Flu man yan o hindi, get yourself checked/tested. Maganda na yun alam nyo talaga kung ano sakit nyo. Please do not self-medicate. Pag lumala situation nyo, pahihirapan nyo lang lalo yung mga naghihirap na frontliners natin.

tapos na booster ko.

do you think guys..we need booster pa?

If that's what the doctor recommends, yes.

Libre lang naman. And I don't think the doctors want to see you lying in the hospital adding up to the number of infected cases. That also benefits you in a way na yung access mo sa mga bagay bagay ay malaki at hindi ka restricted sa ganito ganyan lang dahil kulang ka sa bakuna.


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