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The D:
I actually miss the online magazine format. It helps people like me who are out of the country keep up with whats going on with the music scene in Pinas. Those articles were really informative. I haven't been back in Pinas for 7 years Philmusic's articles kept me updated.

Thanks Jim and the rest of you guys for Philmusic. Kahit wala na yung articles atleast I still get to keep in touch with great musicians here.

Merry Christmas sayo pare  :-D

I miss the pictures section... those were my favorites apart from the forums. The "picture of the week". (tama ba yun?)

But it's ok if it's not there anymore, I understand about the part where people download and use them illegally... wish it was still there though... sigh...

sayang nga yung articles dito dati.

Babalik din yan, promise. Dalawa lang po ang kamay ko, hehe.


--- Quote from: chette on January 10, 2007, 12:42:41 PM ---Babalik din yan, promise. Dalawa lang po ang kamay ko, hehe.

--- End quote ---


i wanna have as my wallpaper the old melody del mundo circa 1999 (ata) picture, and the barbie circa 1999 picture too! way before melody disappeared and barbie became a model. :-D

yay! thanks chette! :-)


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