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--- Quote from: jepbueno on August 05, 2014, 12:51:30 PM ---Meron ba ditong may "modular multitrack" na setup? With separate digital multitrack recorder and mixing console and walang computer. :)

I'm currently reading lang about different kinds of setup and ito yung hindi ko pa masyado naiintindihan. Pamilyar lang kasi ako kapag audio interfaces/computers and stand-alone multitracks.

--- End quote ---

alesis adat and tascam da88 ba nasa isip mo? if yes then avoid those modular multitracks. just get a 24 channel hard disk recorder instead.

then yung mixer na kailangan mo dapat may A/B inputs: A is for mics and then if you switch to B is for the multitrack returns. of course pwede rin naman yung regular mixers pero hassle lang kasi kailangan mo mag rewire everytime mag rerecord ka o mag mimix. huhugutin mo yung mics for mixing kasi kailangan mo gamitin yung inputs to plugin the outputs of the multitrack. or buy a 48 channel mixer so use channels 1 to 24 for mic inputs and their direct outs to the multitrack inputs. then use channels 25 to 48 for the multitrack returns

kung medyo naguguluhan ka sa description, hanap ka ng old manuals ng mackie 1604 meron dun 8 track setup na gamit yung 1 to 8 for mics and 9 to 16 for multitrack returns. maiintindihan mo na siguro sa diagram nila kung pano yung setup during tracking and mixing

uy sir peeves! thanks for that, although I'm still interested dyan and still reads from time to time about that, narealize ko hindi realistic sakin makabuo ng modular setup at this point in time haha, kaya I just went to the simpler route and bought a used zoom r8!

Buhay na uleeet!

Studio SSL 4000 with my Genelec mains. Just had the desk serviced with some replacement caps.

Does any have any updated gears for this? I am planning to build one.


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