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Sa mga may ari ng enhancer......

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The likes of BBE Sonic Stomp, BOSS EH-2, and Rocktron Nitro: do they really contribute to the overall tone? Are they different from Boosters?
I am contemplating between a BBE Sonic Stomp and a BOSS EH-2. But if the effect is similar to a cheap Rocktron Nitro then, being the budget conscious, bang for the bucks person that I am, I would go for something cheaper like the Nitro.
Bumilib kasi ako sa BBE Sonic Maximizer nung idinemo ni markflo nung nagkita kami. (Sorry ka stratman, nauna na ako kay mark. :P) Ang laking ginanda nung tunog. It's as if a blanket was lifted from your amp, to quote a review from Harmony Central.
Feedback naman oh.

ayyy! pinapagpasahan niyo lang pala akwo! haaaay! hehehe...tira na ng Sonic Stomp! game! hehehe...  :twisted:

May makukuhanan kasi ako na $75 + S&H and CA tax brand new.  :wink:

I used to use BBE Sonic Max when I had my rack system before. I can honestlly say that BBE adds life to your sound. Rounded lows and crystal highs. I'm not sure about BOSS and Rockman for I've never used them before. I tried out the pedal version before and I got the same nice prestine effect. You may want to check the peaks cause' they can go up there without you noticing it until it's in your face. Well, you don't have that problem with your comp pedal.

You bastard :twisted: !!! You got that pedal before I did! I was eyeing that pedal from day one. You just got to see him before I did. Well, I want to try it out when I see you next.


--- Quote from: BP_Lizard ---May makukuhanan kasi ako na $75 + S&H and CA tax brand new.  :wink:
--- End quote ---

oh..magkano total nun? kasi siento lang yun sa styles eh yung pinuntahan nating motel...ESTE GUITAR SHOP! (aaaay fafa)...instant gratification pa (just the way i like it) hehehehe...


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