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sir ding ibig sabihin piyesa na parts ng sax. heheh. sige i myt lure him to philmusic sometime so you could talk. urban jazz po with a mix of soul and rnb ang tugtugan namin ngayon.  :-D

i got some solos in my collection..(Daivid sanborn. dave koz, grover washington,etc.. pop din like kenny g.. cno p b?..some solo parts on song songs.. etc.. cge, paemail mo sa kin, para naman makakilala ng ibang sax players, kc lugi naman kami...he,he,he,he... oki, tenk yu! :-D :-D :-D

teka ba't naging song songs yun!.. :?

 BTW, may mga pdf files din pala ako ng trumpet solos.. cge, pakihanap n lng ng ibang manunurotot!..tulong tulong na lng tayo! palitan ng mga research.... :wink:


--- Quote from: dingricon on August 11, 2007, 05:02:52 AM ---Brod,
anong pcs ba ang hanap ng sax player nyo...ano bang tugtugan nyo?..i also have some charts for 2-3 horns ...(sax, trumpet, trombone) let me know ,i got some researches for sax na puede kong ishare.. ask him to send me an email at style ba sya, cno favorite nya..etc.. cge......

--- End quote ---

sir dingricon,

nka po pde nyu ako bgyan ng mga researches nyo..e2 po e-mail add ko keyboardist tlaga ako pero i play alto sax sa bandang pang prusisyon..dati po akong clarinet po ako dti pero nagpalit nko ng alto.. salamat po! :-)


--- Quote from: dingricon on August 11, 2007, 12:05:24 AM ---Brod,
try mo ang c Mang Pany 7112641, ask him regarding your problem.. (woodwind specialist) pero may kontak din yan, sa brasses.. can't find the other numbers eh... anyway, cge,... sana dumami ang wind players dito!..

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Galing kami kina mang pany and my bandmate's sax is ongoing repair for now. AYUS! mang pany's tha man!!


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