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i notice that there are some new components (word highlighting scripsts) on the forum that we're put in place. am i the only one noticing the degradation in performance?

konti pre, minsan nala-log-out ako for no reason or reply ako tapos send ko only to find out logged out na ako. Dunno maybe its yahoo or my new PC :(

Yeah, I'm testing out some new adcode (Contentlink). I notice it loads before every page, though it doesn't slow down things significantly on this end. I haven't committed it yet though.

Maybe if I pass the hat so people can help pay for the monthly web hosting of this site I wouldn't have to scrounge up bizarre money generating schemes, hehe

All is well then :-)

Thanks for the feedback - I finally took away that extra ad code. The performance impact was starting to get noticable. I'll pass the hat instead for donations  :badgrin:


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