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Name: Artson Earl Elumba

Age: 27 y.o.

I've been a drummer since: 2000 (1st year H.S.)

I play drums for: Katumbal

My favorite musical style/s: punk, ska, rock n roll, hiphop, alternative, grunge, metal, hardcore, reggae, trash metal, street punk (as long as catchy, ok ako)

My favorite drummer/s: Erik Sandin, Byron McMackin, Jaska Raatikainen, Jeff Campitelli, Dave Lombardo, Marc Eggers, Marky Ramones, Dave Grohl

My musical influence/s: heard AC/DC's song "Who Made Who" when I was in grade 2, loved music ever since... Got a copy of Greenday's "Insomniac" album when i was in grade 3, started playing bass... Got a copy of Nirvana's "Bleach" Album, 1st year H.S., became a drummer...

My drum gear:
Drum Kit: Pearl Target Series (red wine finish) 4 piece (13 tom not used)
Drum Heads: Remo Encore both for Batter and Reso; Snare: Remo Abassador Coated Batter Head, Remo Ambassador Side Snare
Hardware: Pearl 900 series 3 x Boom Stands, Pearl 900 series snare stand, 1 pearl target stock straight stand, 1 Tama MCA63EN Cymbal Attachment with Fast-clamp, Gibraltar 3-way Clamp, Gibraltar 4706 Hihat Stand
Pedals: Sonor DP 692, Pearl Demon Drive P3002D, Tama IC Rubber Beaters
Cybals: Paiste 302 (16 crash, 14 hihats, 20 ride), Paiste 502 (16 crash, 12 splash), Paiste 101 (16 crash, 20 ride), Paiste PST3 18 China
Sticks: Vic Firth 7A & 5B, Global maple 5A's
Other: Alesis Multimix 8 Firewire mixer, Samson 4 piece mics, 3 DIY Condenser mics, Behringer C1 Condenser mic, Zildjian stick bag and cymbal bag

I'm a proud drummer because: Lahat ng hardwork at pawis makuha lng yung technique pinaghirapan talaga, been a drummer for 13 years, it's a part of me na talaga.. Have self produced an Album 3 times na, still di pa natatapos yung journey sa music.. Ako nlng yung natirang punk drummer sa Bacolod who never stopped playing punk rock songs for 13 years, yung iba nag retire na, yung iba nag iba ng trip...

Additional info about myself: All smiles, kahit pagod na sa drums.. di mahilig sa drum solos.. Medyo OC sa gears.. mabait at approachable  :-D

To all drummers here in this forum, please introduce yourselves.  So that we can be all familiar and be acquainted with each other.

Name: Jose Mari Dueñas (Joma/r)

Age: 18

I've been a drummer since: 2004

I play drums for: Worth Waiting For( or Above The Ashes)

My favorite musical style/s: Metalcore, Post-Hardcore, Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Progressive Metal

My favorite drummer/s: Mike Portnoy, Travis Barker, Alex Rudinger, Cobus Potgieter, Matt Greiner

My musical influence/s: Blink-182, Dream Theater, A7X, The Devil Wears Prada, Spongecola, Urbandub

My drum gear: old Lazer starter kit, Lazer double pedals and Lazer cymbals. With remo drumheads

I'm a proud drummer because: Dahil eto lang ang talent ko. Dito lang ako nageexcel ng todo  :lol: at ako ang backbone ng isang banda  \m/

Additional info about myself: Mejo mahiyain pumalo ng malakas kasi alam kong may maiingayan  :lol: pero pag naka earplugs na, wapakels na  :wave:

Name: Romar

Age: 21

I've been a drummer since: 2009

I play drums for: CLenched Feet

My favorite musical style/s: Alternative rock, Metal slow rock, Blues, reggae and Progressive

My favorite drummer/s: Vic mercado, Billy ashbaugh and mike mangini

My musical influence/s: Rivermaya, Bamboo, Pupils, eraserheads, Simple plan, Linkin park, Parokya and Silent sanctuary

Additional info about myself: still a Novice in drumming.. have enough skills for playing a slow songs and others that have basic tempo... wag lang po mga odd time... still ponding for my gears... A newly graduate,, so still earning for my first gear... I plan to buy my first drum snare this december when I got my first 13 month pay.. :D That is why I join this forum. to get communicate with those drummer out there that will offer me low price but quality second hand snare...

Name: Mark (TITESMITH) Belgira
Age: 19

I've been a drummer since: grade 5, official by 2nd year college (Natuto ako by just Air drumming)

I play drums for: Hobby and happiness

My favorite musical style/s: rock, pop-rock, metal

My favorite drummer/s: joey Jordison, Casey Cooper
My musical influence/s:  Linkin Park, Metallica, KoRn, Mudvayne, Disturbed, Slipknot, Razorback, Wolfgang, Slapshock, Queso, Greyhoundz,Simple Plan, Incubus, Silent Sanctuary, Kamikazee, Soapdish, and others.

My drum gear:

Lazer Starter Kit

Zildjian Planet-z 14" Hi-hats
Zildjian Amir 20" Ride
(Wala pang crash, namaalam na , wla dn boom stand)
Tama double tom holder

I'm a proud drummer because: I love to play drums, this is my life, this is where i excel, and this is how can i express my feelings, im willing to learn(Basta libre). and i dont act like im a pro. someone is much better than me..

Name: Hans Lim


I've been a drummer: Since birth hehe.

My favorite drummer: Tomas Haake

Drum Gear: 5 pc. Tama Silverstar
16" Sabian B8 crash
       Pst3 crash
18" B8 ride
14" B8 hi-hats
8" AAX Splash
6" bell
14 and 16" stack

My favorite music: progressive, math metal, fusion jazz


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