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welcome................. sino ka ba sa dalawa, kambal ba kayo........


--- Quote from: emil_murillo ---welcome................. sino ka ba sa dalawa, kambal ba kayo........
--- End quote ---

oo nga. "raph" can be raphael or raphaela di ba?
tingin ko ikaw ung lalake, tapos GF mo ung kasama mo. :wink:

parang kapatid ko yan. hehe. were really close.

vote nyo po sha dito:

:P shameless plug eh?

anyway, et me share somethings about myself :

aspiring guitarist: 6 months playing. still learning "the box"


Legend Strat Copy
Berhinger DM100
Daphon Ts9 copy
Peavey envoy amp

current GAS:
Ibanez Gio Radius guitar

paengkee diba you play violin??

^^^ yeah since i was 4. stopped when i was 6. continued when i was 13. stopped last year when my violin broke.

guitarist na. hehe. i started last december after getting my first acoustic. dun ako natutuo mag chords and stuff. nung june lang ako nagka electric. currently kinakapa ko ang solo ng stairway to heaven. (haha taas ng pangarap). mejo sanay left hand ko na di ginagamit ang pinky so im learning to use it


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