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Check out this review of Shea Seger’s “The May Street Project”
Just what the **** to make of this? A really (I mean reallllly) good looking girl, who happens to be, like, nineteen years old, and from Texas of all places, who works with the cats who did Lauren Hill’s record and sings a soulful racket that sounds like Alanis Morissette with some real ****ing credibility, and does a duet with cult crooner Ron Sexsmith. Christ, I don’t have the slightest idea what to think, you tell me. But she does sound damn good. The opener "Last Time" is pretty snazzy and assertive, but I really prefer the get down [gooey brown stuff] like "Blind Situation" where she comes over like all smoldering and [gooey brown stuff]. Sexy as hell. Records like this make you think someone’s trying to pull something over on you. This Shea gal just crosses to many boundaries with too much ease, she sings with too much personality for a kid, and has way too much goddamn charisma. Oh yeah, and she makes Sexsmith finally sound like everything he’d been talked up as on a duet called "Always" that I’d have to call pretty gosh darn near brilliant. "Shheez man, what’s up with this chick?" you ask. "Sounds like she’s all over the place with this stuff? Is she soul? Is she hip-hop? Is she a folky? How about one of them thar Texan gals like that Lucinda Williams broad? Just what in tarnations is she?" I know…I know, and I can’t answer that…well, I guess that maybe I can try. She’s all of that stuff. This record is all over the place – but don’t let that get you all up in arms because Ms. Shea makes it all work. She’s kind of got that, you know, power, that charisma, and she sounds damn good. I dunno, maybe I’m just blinded by beauty. But, just wait til the kids get a load of this one… -KH    To hear the music, go to

Who wrote that review on Shea Seger's May Street Project?  I had to find out who Shea Seger is after reading it!  At they have some music clips and photos and I have to say she's ****ing great.  That review was dead-on balls accurate.  She's definitely going to be big.  I think her voice sounds more like Shania Twain than Alanis though.

That sounded more like a press release than a review though...

I bought her CD today and I think Shea Seger sounds too unique to place with another singer, but if I had to choose, I'd pick Shelby Lynn.  I love her duet with Ron Sexsmith ~ they sound really good together.  I got some other new CDs from artists I've been listening to for years, like Depeche Mode's latest one Exciter, and R.E.M.'s and even Dave Matthew's newest ones and Shea's turned out to be more interesting to me than the other ones, even though I was expecting to like hers the least out of the group.  I've always loved those bands, but their stuff doesn't seem as inspired as it once did.  Shea's CD had that energy.

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